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D.J. Rico's Mobile D.J. Service & C.D. Compilations
About D.J. Rico


About D.J. Rico
The following mixed cd's are available for purchase for $10 each plus $4.95 shipping per cd.
CD Compilations
Cd Compilations


D.J. Rico has been d.j.'ing since the age of 13.  It started with house parties and now providing mobile service.  I worked for a record company in N.Y.C., promoting big events.  I have spun my music at clubs in the N.Y. Tri-state area including some of the famous like The Palladium.  I have studied many of the great d.j.'s and learned from them on how to keep the crowd moving.  I have taken those skills and learned how to apply them to mobile d.j.'ing so to make your event a happy and most memorable.